Magic Jack Internet Phone Review in 2017

You simply plug it in, and it works like a thumb drive. If it does not start automatically, you can double click on it to get it started. The MagicJack box has full instructions. There are no codes to enter you just register the device by putting in your address and pick a phone number with the zip code closest to you.

All past calls, phone numbers, etc. are stored in the Magic Jack device, and you can take it anywhere you have a computer and the internet. If your computer has blue tooth built in you can leave your computer and use your headset. You can also plug a regular phone into the Magic Jack or use your computer’s built-in speakers and microphone.

magicjack-GoAll of your voicemails will be sent to your email and stored on the Magic Jack server. Only call your phone number and hit * and a password. The instructions are in the Magic Jack software.

While you are away or on vacation, you will have all of your home phone calls with you as long as you have your computer and internet.

The MagicJack comes with an extension cord to prevent it from breaking as it is plugged directly into your computer by an USB port.

The sound quality by the MagicJack is great. If you compare the service to other Internet phone companies like Vonage, the quality is much better. You will also be free from monthly fees, having to deal with poor customer service, and there is no disconnection fee if you decide you no longer want service. There are no expensive special phones to buy, and you are not required to have your checking account debited for billing like most other internet phone companies.


-Easy to setup — takes only a few minutes
-Worked the first time for me
-Price is unbeatable


-They do not have a customer service center – but they do have an online chat 24/7
-You must have a computer and the internet for it to work – then again you can always connect it to a cordless phone.

Magic Jack – Product Review in 2017

There’s a tremendous hype out there about the new VoIP phone system called the Magic Jack. It is hard to believe the advertisements that suggest that the device could save you hundreds of dollars every year spent on phone bills. Let’s take a look at whether the tall claims made by the advertisements are true or false.

The ad claims are difficult to digest because the product is hawked in the same space as “ShamWow” and “Ab lounge.

Well, the device performed pretty well when put to the test. Unlike other VoIP phone systems, the call clarity is reasonably good, and there aren’t any hidden costs. If you decide to use the device as a replacement for your good old land line phone, you might not get happy magic jack reviews 2017. You’ll have to understand that VoIP phones work through the internet and you’ll have to have your computer turned on while using the device. You don’t need to compare it with your POTS telephone [because this is a different ball game altogether], but you could compare it with other VoIP phone systems like Skype and Vonage.

Let’s take a look at the breakdown:

The plan is not only costly but also laced with uncertainty. Very few would like to test drive a WI-FI phone from Skype.

Vonage doesn’t seem to be worried too much about competitor activities and has plans that are way too expensive compared to Skype and Magic Jack.